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Introduction: Handheld Spud Gun

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Step 1: Materials

X1 - aerosol spray

X1 - chapstick container

X1 - standard ball point pen

X2 - thumbtacks

X2 - small wires

X1 - hot glue gun

X1 - set of hot glue sticks

X1 – Grill Ignitor (out of an electric lighter, not flint spark)

X1 - pocket knife

Step 2: Make the Barrel

A) Disassemble the pen. Our goal is to create a hollow tube to use as a barrel

a. Take off the cap

b. Pull out the ink

c. Cut off any obstructed end.

Step 3: Make the Chamber

A) Hollow out chapstick container. The goal is to create an tube to be use as an ignition chamber

a. Remove Cap

b. Turn the dial on the bottom to remove the chapstick

c. Use pliers to pull out the innards out of the back of the chapstick tube

Step 4: Combine the Barrel and Chamber

A) Insert the tubular out shell of the pen into the hole on the bottom of the chapstick container

Step 5: Seal It!

A) Use hot glue to seal the junction of the pen and chapstick tube

Step 6: Making a Spark

A) Connect the wires coming off of the ignitor to the thumb tacks

(One tack will be the positive (RED) and the other will be the negative (BLACK))

Step 7: 90 Degree Leads

A) In the middle of the chamber, insert the tacks 90 degrees apart from each other but assure that the points are not touching or else a spark won’t be created across the tips.

*Warning if you make extra holes in the
chapstick tube flames will shoot out at your hands

(Again it is important there needs to be a small gap between the points of the tacks)

Step 8: The Final Set Up

A) The back of the chamber will be where the spray of the aerosol will be inserted.

B) First load the barrel with a potato chunk by pressing the barrel to in the potato

C) Use the inner portion of the pen to “ram rod” the potato farther down the barrel

D) Spray a small shot into the chamber

E) Cap the chamber with the chapstick lid

F) Hold the device with one hand, making sure you are securely hold the back of the cap

G) With your other hand, click the igniter

NOTE: It is also a smart idea to use electrical tape by wrapping some around the chamber portion in order to avoid excess shock

Step 9: Troubleshooting!

A) If it doesn't shoot, remove the cap and carefully check if there is a spark created when clicking the igniter

B) If it won’t shoot and there is a spark, there was too much aerosol sprayed. To correct this simply blow into it and try again.

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