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Introduction: Quilling Heart Box by HandiWorks

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Step 1: Making Tight Coils

Make many tight coils with white paper strips and secure them with glue. I needed 55 for making this heart.

Step 2: Glue All the Coils Together

Cut heart shapes out of cardboard. Size depends on how big yours is.

Place your paper coils around that shape to form a heart and Glue all the coils together.

Step 3: Making Many Different Coil Shapes

Also make double loose coils that look like an "S".

Make many different coil shapes like this loose coil.

Step 4: Filling the Heart Box.

Fill the heart from your loos coils. Glue them to the first heart's borders as you make them. Keep making and gluing more to fill the whole heart. Try not to leave empty spots. Create tiny coils to fill the little empty spaces.

Step 5: Create Another Heart Just Like the Previous

It's time to make the cover of the box now. Make other white tight coils and create a new heart just like the previous ones. They must be identical.

Step 6: Complete Three Hearts

Again, fill the heart with more loose coils like you did for the first heart. The cover is done!

Step 7: Finishing the Heart Box

Create tiny coils to fill the little empty spaces. Place the second heart on top of the other, gluing it on the 2 "triple" coils you attached previously.

Now make many other different loose coils to fill the sides of your heart box, just like you did previously. The sides are not all straight so make sure to follow the round borders.

This would be a great gift for someone special!

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Tammana roy

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