Handicrafts by Old Pens

Introduction: Handicrafts by Old Pens

This has made by waste pen cap and pen parts and I used floppy disk motor wheels and networking cable wires

Step 1:



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    3 years ago

    Pretty cool trench art for the cubicle set.

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    Hi Inventor,
    It very simple but before u start making this things you should collect waste things like CD’s, old pens, refills and if u open an old electronics device u will get many thing like gears wheels motors which can be easily tie with wires, using pen refills u can make wheels, pen body can be your bike outer body, likes u can make a beautiful bike. if u need more help collect waste thing and send me the snap your collection I will give u step by step guide lines to make it.
    Mail ID :- dc.niranjan@yahoo.in whatsapp,hike,wechat,:- +91 8971116664
    Have a nice day