Handle Replacement for Cuisinart EasyPop Popcorn Maker




Have a Cuisinart popcorn maker with a broken handle?

Why not fix it yourself?

Step 1: Do You Have the Spring?

The spring that fell out when your original handle broke is absolutely essential.
If you lost it, abandon hope and turn back now.

Now I know it doesn't look much like a spring, but it is.
It's the small 'L' shape of metal in this image.

Step 2: Buy the Replacement Part

At my shop on Shapeways, buy yourself a new aftermarket replacement handle:

If you have the red EasyPop, pick "Coral Red Strong & Flexible Polished"
If you have the black EasyPop, pick "Black Strong & Flexible"

Place the order, and wait for them to arrive!

Step 3: Tools You Will Need

1 flat head screwdriver
1 sewing needle (or similar thin, pointy object)

Step 4: Clean the Handle

Using the needle, clean the small slot.
Test fit the spring into the handle, to make sure it fits far enough.

Note that the long part of the spring is inside the handle, and the short part of the spring lies along the flat surface as shown.

Step 5: Install the Handle

1. Put the spring into position in the handle.
2. Put the handle on the cook top, first from the lip and then place the handle under the protrusions on the cook top.
3. Use a screwdriver to force the spring into position.



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