Introduction: HANDLEBAR STEM EXTENDER (Bicycle)

About: recently retired tinkerer with an overactive imagination, possibly infected with the 'Idea Virus'

MOTIVATION: I desired “tall handlebars” for an artsy bike project (several projects, actually) - something more ingenious than ordinary ape-hangers.  A local event (Visalia Bike Project) desired to recycle discarded bikes into kinetic art, then race, display, and auction them to benefit the arts.

Here are three of our team's entries:

DESCRIPTION: This is a “stem extender” to substantially raise the handlebar height of my project-bicycle utilizing (a) the handlebars+stem and (b) the front fork of a child’s 16” bicycle. The child's CROSSBAR-STYLE handlebar is the essential component of this project.

As with any 'Instructable', be sure to read everything before doing anything. Take photos of your own creation, and share them with the community. Be safe, ride tall, and have fun!

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Step 1: - Material & Tools

My creative juices were racing as I looked at discarded child's bikes. I rearranged a few parts in my mind's eye and saw this relatively simple design. Follow along, but always be open to your own innovation!

child’s handlebar with crossbar, quill-type stem, child’s front fork
(An outrageously tall extender is possible by substituting a 26" fork, but it would likely be dangerous and possibly illegal in some locations.)

(a) adjustable wrench to assemble and disassemble bicycle parts
(b) sandpaper to remove paint
(c) c-clamps to hold the parts while welding
(d) welding gear or in my case, a friend with a small wire-feed MIG setup

(e) optional: sized-wrench set, hacksaw, metal file, paint, ornaments, beverage

Step 2: - Method

(a) Remove the handlebars and front fork from the child’s bike with a wrench.
(b) The headset and bearings are not necessary and may be set aside, but could possibly be cleaned up and used as ornaments.
(c) Decide how tall you want your extension to be - 16” is easy to accomplish.

Step 3: - Fabrication

(a) Remove paint from areas where welding will occur, using sandpaper.

(b) Arrange the fork and bars in the desired location. The crossbar is essential to the strength of this “stem extender”.

(c) Tighten several c-clamps to secure your design in advance of welding.

Step 4: - Welding

Use proper safety gear before welding, or even being close to welding!

(a) Weld the fork to the bars.
(b) Remove the c-clamps.
(c) Attach weldable ornaments, if desired.
(d) Allow to cool. (If you don't, you will learn quickly!)

OPTIONS: At this point, the hacksaw, file, paint, and beverage may be considered.

Step 5: - Prototype & Fit

Step 6: - Finished Examples

Hipster inverted bars - - Ride high, wide, and and handsome!

> Mini Apehangers - - also for ridin' tall the the saddle
>> Mountain Bike bars & Comfort Saddle on a BMX - - no bending discomfort
>>> Mountain Bike bars & Banana Seat on a BMX - - tilt the “stem extender” back and enjoy the low-ride
>>>> Drop bars - - for the DUI-cycle look

use your imagination, then share it on Instructables.com !!

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    please - please - when you make one, post a link here so others will benefit from your own originality!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Two additional photos were added to the first screen today - to demonstrate more examples - one of them adds a whopping 24" to the handlebar height!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This would be a good steering extension for a "tall" bike. Nice.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! On a 20" BMX with an extended seat post, it's an easy yet 'high' ride. I believe that this is a stronger and safer solution than I've seen on some tallbikes.