How to Assemble a Simple and Powerful Handle Controller-- Based on the Micro: Bit




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The name of the handle is Handlebit.The shape is a handle and it looks very cool!

Now we can make an introduction about the Handlebit,let's move on it .

Step 1: Description

LewanSoul-Handlebit is a development kit for micro:bit learning, which is ideal for STEAM learning and micro:bit programming. With Handlebit, users can learn a lot of electronic knowledge as well as the programming.The Handlebit board not only integrates sensors and electronic modules such as buttons, joysticks, touching module, sound sensor, photosensitive module, LED, buzzer, RGB lights, etc, but also can extend the other electronic modules including ultrasound, color, potentiometer, knobs, motor fans, servo, etc. Plentiful sensors and electronic modules allow Handlebit to complete fantastic and creative gameplay.We have prepared a set of Handlebit wooden brackets for users, which is safe and light. In this way. Handlebit can be turned into a wireless handle. We can use the joystick, buttons, sound sensor or other modules on the handle to remotely control the products based on micro:bit through programming.

Hope that Handlebit can be a good partner in your study and life!

Step 2: Getting to Know the Parts

This cool Handlebit has various electronic modules: joystick, buzzer, ultrasonic sensor, RGB light ( Indicator), Bluetooth module photosensitive module, LED,and more than 10 electronic modules.

Besides, based on micro:bit combining Handlebit we can download program into Micro: bit, and then using Handlebit to realize more creativity, better learning programming and experience in the process, bring us happiness. So intelligent Handlebit has the ability to achieve different gameplay. It mainly has :



(3)Bluetooth module ;

(4)Ultrasonic sensor;

(5)RGB lights;

(6)LED Dot Matric Display;

(7)Photosensitive module.

Step 3: The Introduction of Micro:bit Development Board

Based on micro:bit extension board combining Handlebit we can download program into Micro: bit, and then using Handlebit to realize more creativity, better learning programming and experience in the process, bring us happiness. Being led by a well-known English TV station BBC, micro:bit is jointly developed by Microsoft, Samsung, ARM and Lancaster University, UK, which gears to adolescents’ programming education. As you can see, the size of micro:bit merely accounts for half of the bank card. Although the size is small, many rich functional electronic modules have been well equipped on it, including 5*5 programmable LED dot matric, two programmable buttons, Bluetooth, thermometer, electronic compass, accelerometer and etc.

Step 4: Simple Assembly-1

First, remove the two planks according to the cutting line, and remove the two small circles and rectangular boxes from the board according to the cutting line.

Step 5: Simple Assembly-2

Second, put the board with two small circles up and the other board down. Just as the picture shows.

Step 6: Simple Assembly-3

Third, remove the small blocks in the rectangular box along the cutting line ( there are two small wooden blocks) and use small wooden blocks to connect the two boards to the Handlebit.

Step 7: Simple Assembly-4

Last, just insert the micro:bit board to Handlebit. The picture like above.

Step 8: What Can We Do After That?

So it is easy to assemble it!

This handle can be connected to the robot by a bluetooth module or embedded bluetooth module in the robot.

You can insert program into the Micro:bit to control robot. You can also modify program or even create a new one by yourself. In fact, in order to help users better learn about Handlebit development kit, we have prepared 25 interesting gameplay for users, helping them to quickly get started with micro:bit learning(You can refer to our LewanSoul website ).

Step 9: Use Handlebit to Control Armbit Demo Video

In this video we will use Handlebit to control Armbit.

Step 10: YouTube Handlebit Assembly Video

In this video we describe each step of the installation in detail.

Have fun!



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