Handmade Aluminum Bandsaw Letters.


Introduction: Handmade Aluminum Bandsaw Letters.

About: I make things in my home shop. YouTube channel link... https://www.youtube.com/derekconwayTX

Link to YouTube video in case you can' view by clicking the thumbnail...


Please forgive for only having one photo. The video posted HERE shows all steps and 'in process' images.

Step 1: Aluminum Letters Cut on Bandsaw...

I only did one step here because there is a LOT going on while I'm cutting aluminum on my bandsaw. Basically, don't ever do this unless you are TOTALLY comfortable with your fingers 1/8 inch away from a hungry bandsaw blade that feeds on mangled finger nails and bloody stuff.

The name plaque was made after I got a call from Live Nation. An employee of the security team at Gexa Energy Pavillion, Dallas TX, passed away and they wanted to place a plaque near the stage 'PIT' area.

Watch the video, and how I avoid the bandsaw blade...





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