Handmade Copper Lighter Case With Buffalo Nickels and Coin Rings




Introduction: Handmade Copper Lighter Case With Buffalo Nickels and Coin Rings

Hello! In this video i would like to show everybody, how i made a lighter case ( for the large size BIC lighter) using, a piece of 3/4'' copper pipe, 2 buffalo nickel coins, and 2 u.s. quarters. Please read my step-by-step instructable and watch video. Lighter case is for sale here, also you can look for my entire coin jewelry collection, all handmade).

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Materials: A piece of copper pipe 3/4'' OD,a small copper sheet 24 ga, 2 buffalo nickel 5 cent coins, 2 x 25 cent coins, lead free solder, flux.
Tools: Hammer, pipe cutter, coin ring center punch tool, coin ring taper bushing, propane torch, metal scissors, rubber mallet, file, belt sender, ring stretcher, buffing wheel , polishing wheel machine, respiratory mask, working gloves, safety glasses.

Tips: Always protect yourself . Wear safety glasses, gloves and respiratory mask.

Step 2: Making the Copper Case.

1. A piece of pipe should be equal to the lighter's plastic body+ 2mm. Measuring this length, and cutting it using a pipe cutter;

2. Annealing the case , using torch; Cool it down in a water;

3. Stretch the case , using taper steel rods. Achieve needed width. You need to stretch a few millimeters more than original diameter. Large Bic lighter should fit and sit tightly;
4. Shape the case with the lighter inside it, using rubber mallet, slightly and very gently punching it all around. Do not brake a lighter;

5. Send the bottom edge on a belt sender, to make it clean before soldering;

6. Take scissors and a copper sheet, cut the piece big enough for the bottom of the case. Clean it with the steel wool.
7. Flux a bottom edge of the case, and a piece of copper sheet;

8. Solder both pieces together;

9. Cut extras and file the soldered edge around , to be smooth and clean.

Step 3: Making Coin Rings Out of Quarters and Decorating the Case.

1. We have to take 2 quarters, and punch the centers out of them , on the coin ring center punch tool (Pic 1 and 2)
2. Annealing coin ring blanks , to the raspberry color. Cool them down in a water; (pic3);

3. put the ring blank in the taper reducer bushing, and gently punch it using a hammer. make sure the blank inside the bushing is paralleled to the table surface( Pics 4-5);
4. Annealing again. Cool down in a water after annealing;
5. Stretching coin ring blanks on the ring stretcher, to the diameter which is 1.5 mm bigger than original 3/4'' copper pipe, like on pic 8;

6. Shape these coin rings to the oval shape, the same shape like a previously made copper case, pics 9-10;

7. Set coin rings on the top and bottom of the case. Do not forget to flux them from inside, and flux case ends accordingly;pic 11.
8. Soldering rings to the case;

9. Shaping buffalo nickels , making them slightly bent , ( nail shaped, pic 14)
10. Soldering buffalo nickels one to each side of the case, pic 15;
11. Polishing the case, using polishing wheel and proper polishing paste.
We done!! Enjoy!

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    1 year ago on Introduction

    This is wonderful!!! Would you happen to know to size to make the mini Bic lighter case?? Thank you!


    2 years ago

    Beautiful. All that needs saying