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Build this decorative Handmade Corbel using a Ryobi 9" Bandsaw

Step 1: Step 1: Trace Template

Trace corbel design on to a 1x12 board.

Free template provided on my site here!


Step 2: Step 2: Cut Out Outer Corbel Pieces

After tracing the template, begin cutting the outside pieces for the corbel.

Don't feel like you have to try and cut on the template line all in one pass, you don't want the blade to bend.

When cutting my template I curved around the sharp edges and then went back to cut the rest of the wood off

Step 3: Step 3: Cut Middle Piece

Trace the middle piece for the corbel and cut it out. Once the middle piece is cut out you will be able to see how the pieces fit together.

The middle piece should be inset from the two outer pieces.

Step 4: Step 4 - Sand Pieces

Sand the pieces of the corbel so that the wood is smooth and then attach the three pieces together using gorilla glue, a brad nailer, and finish nails.

Step 5: Step 5: Add End Pieces

Add 1" end pieces to the top and bottom of the corbel on both sides. Attach using wood glue and finish nails

Step 6: Step 6: Fill in Holes

Fill in the nail holes by using DAP wood filler. Let dry for 20 mins and then re-sand the corbel.

Step 7: Step 7: Stain Corbel

Stain the corbel with the color of your choice and let it dry overnight.

Step 8: Step 8: Paint Corbel

Once the stain is dry, paint over the corbel with white paint and let dry.

Once the corbel is completely dry, sand the corbel with 220-grit sandpaper. Sand as desired to get a rustic look.

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    2 years ago

    Lady, you did an amazing job !! My hats off to you !!! I truly need a band saw like you have as I build Big Boy Adirondack Chairs. Since my husband recently died in my arms from a massive heart attack, I'm really having a tough time getting my act together. It's hard to build these chairs by myself. I'm sorry I got personal, I'm just so lonely and sad and confused, after 26 years of marriage. Love your work though

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you so much! And you can do it!!! You should check out my site for other projects handmade-haven.com


    2 years ago

    I voted for you as well


    2 years ago

    For such a simple process, the finished results look excellent. Very nicely done!

    1 reply