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Introduction: Handmade Ewok Dog Costume

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I have always loved the ewoks in Star Wars
They were my favorite characters
My shih tzu always reminded me of a cute little furry ewok
I decided this Halloween to make an ewok costume for my dog
This costume fits most dogs, any shape and size, and does not bother the dog when worn
The costume also fit my Shetland sheepdog
This costume is very easy to make and only takes about 30 minutes
The costume can be done with any type of fabric and color

Step 1: Materials

Fabric (any color)

Needle and thread or glue

Button or Velcro


Duct tape

And that's it!

Step 2: Preparing the Measurements

You want to make sure that the costume does not bother the dog, especially the long part of the costume
Take your fabric and drape it around the dogs head
The back part of the costume is kept short
After you have taken your measurements- mine were 22 inches long by 10 inches wide and a little over on one side
Cut the fabric forming a strip
Do not cut straight, in the movie, the ewoks costume was kind of ratty and not straight as if someone tore the costume
Drape the fabric around the dogs head and on top
With the end, make sure where the dogs face shows, it is a circle, see pictures above
Use a piece of duct tape instead of a needle to hold it in place
Using tape instead will not hurt the dog
This is where the button will be
Make sure to take the costume off the dog when you begin sewing

Step 3: Finishing Up the Costume

Sew a button where the tape was attached right under the strip where the button will attach to
After you have finished sewing, put the other strip on top making sure to form a circle of the face
Cut a slit for the button vertically
By doing this you are forming a circle for the dogs face to show
Make sure the button can button
Place the costume on the dogs head
Mark where the ear holes will be with a marker
Feel for the hard part of the ear
Take the costume off the dog and cut holes where the ears were marked
Place costume on dog and make sure the long part of the costume does not drape in front
If it does, cut a short triangle

Step 4: Results

This costume ended up looking adorable on my dogs
The costume was easy to make and not very expensive
I hope you make this costume for your dogs

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    That is hilarious! Your shih tzu looks particulary awesome.