Handmade Flour Tortillas De Harina That Were Hecho a Mano




Introduction: Handmade Flour Tortillas De Harina That Were Hecho a Mano

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Tortillas taste good and are very useful for holding the important things in life, like beans or carne asada.

But, did you know that they're also easy to make yourself? That's right, you can make your own tortillas right now, with my fast and simple tutorial.

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Step 1: Pile O' Flour

Use more if you want more tortillas

Step 2: Little Bit O' Salt

Makes it saltier

Step 3: Some Lard

A couple of lil' chunks will do

Step 4: Butter in a Cup

Exactly one chunk of butter

Step 5: Watermilk

Dunno if tortillas are made with milk or water, so I mixed both in the cup

Step 6: Heat the Sucka

Just enough to melt the butter

Step 7: Volcano

Pour a tiny bit of buttermilkwater at a time and mix it up

Step 8: Mix the Mix

Add buttermilkwater and flour 'til it's not sticky but not too dry

Step 9: Ballin'

Divide up yer mix

Step 10: Flatten

Make it look like a tortilla

Step 11: Butter Up the Skillet

So it don't stick

Step 12: Cook the Tortilla

They puff up when they're ready to flip.

Mine didn't.

Just don't burn it and you'll be fine

Step 13: Complete

If it's too bland and healthy, add even more butter

Step 14: Eat 'em

Hurry up and eat 'em all before anyone else gets any

Step 15: Stash 'em

If you can't eat that fast, stash 'em in a plastic container because they'll dry up faster than you can say:

"Hey, my tortillas dried up."

Step 16: Clean Your Filth

Shoulda used a bowl, dufus


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