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I have always loved how Harry Potter wrote with his Quill when I first saw the movie
I wanted one just like that but they were impossible to find
When I was walking in the forest, I saw a large turkey feather and took it home
That's when my idea for a Quill Pen came to my mind
There are two ways of making this pen
The first one is for better for writing and drawing
While the second way is better for drawing
This makes a great gift for any Harry Potter fan like me

Step 1: Materials

Black paint

Large feather





Small plate

Step 2: Making the First Quill Pen for Writing

Take your ball point pen and remove the plastic tube with the ink inside
Take your feather and cut the tip of the bottom
Get a skewer or small long stick and insert it inside the feather trying to go all the way up the feather
Keep doing this until you have made an opening
Cut the pen if it is too long
Uncap the superglue and put a dot of glue on the end of the plastic tube with the ink inside "pen"
Insert the plastic pen into the feather and hold until the glue is dry
After the glue is dry, it is ready to be used
This way of making a quill pen is better for writing and drawing

Step 3: Second Way of Making a Quill Pen

Get a different feather and cut the tip of the feather at an angle
Put a drop of black paint onto a small plate and add a couple of drops of water
Stir until it is mixed
Take your feather and dip the tip into the black paint with water, which is supposed to substitute the ink, and start drawing onto the paper
This way of making a quill pen is better for drawing than writing

Step 4: Results

This was a very quick and easy way of making a Harry Potter Quill Pen
It was also inexpensive and makes a great gift for any Harry Potter lover like me
My kids loved this pen for writing and drawing at school
Happy holidays!



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    4 months ago

    i am going to do it


    1 year ago

    i have always loved harry potter thanks for the idea


    2 years ago

    This looks so cool!