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Introduction: Handmade Laptop Labels

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Hello, everyone! The instructable I’m gonna share with you today will become a real surprise for people, who are crazy about gaming or just spend much time at their laptops. If you belong to any of these two groups, then you know for sure how important the condition and look of your laptop is. Maybe, you just want to give your laptop unique and extraordinary design, don’t you? If so, then this tutorial on how to make laptop labels will certainly appeal to you. One of my friends shared this fantastic idea with me and I couldn’t but used it! This is what I have got! The labels are very interesting and quite easy to make. You can make them for your own laptop or present them to your friends or family members!

Step 1: Supplies

To make the laptop label, you will need the following supplies:

  • the sketch of your label
  • transparent double-sided adhesive tape
  • cardboard
  • gloss varnish
  • scissors (or a stationery knife)
  • pencil

Step 2: Prepare the Sketch

You should start the process of making a laptop label with getting the sketch ready for the work. You can either take a readymade sketch or make it yourself in Photoshop or any other editor. I have chosen the “Google” label for my project.

Step 3: Outline the Sketch

Take a pencil and draw the outline of your label. This outline should be around 2-3 mm from the image to make it easier for you to cut it out later.

Step 4: Cut Out the Picture

The next three steps (steps 3-5) are required if you use thin paper for your label. If you use cardboard, then omit these steps and continue from Step 6.

Carefully, cut the picture out sticking to the outline you have drawn in the previous step.

Step 5: Attach the Adhesive Tape

Now, attach the transparent double-side adhesive tape to the back side of your future label. Make sure it covers all the surface of the picture. This is important to prevent the paper from puffing up later.

Step 6: Attach the Picture to the Cardboard

You can attach the picture to the cardboard now. Make sure you do it evenly and apply gloss varnish above the label.

Step 7: Even the Surface

Even the surface of the picture and check whether it is attached to the cardboard safely.

Step 8: Check the Result

This is what you should eventually get. The picture should be attached properly not to puff up later.

Step 9: Wait Until the Picture Dries Out

Having attached the picture to the cardboard, you should leave it overnight to dry out properly. Another variant (which is meant for those of you, who are pressed for time) is to dry the picture out with a hair drier. If you follow this recommendation, then make sure you do that as it is shown on the photo.

Step 10: Attach the Adhesive Tape (if You Have Omitted Steps 3-5)

If you use cardboard and have omitted steps 3-5, attach the transparent double-side adhesive tape to the back side of the picture. Only after that, you can cut the label out.

Step 11: Remove the Protective Coating From the Adhesive Tape

Now, it is high time to remove the protective coating from the adhesive tape. Your handmade laptop label is now ready! This is how it looks on the laptop! Such element gives the device unique, trendy and extraordinary look, making it stand out from the crowd! You can choose any design or picture with regard to your taste and preferences. Hopefully, you will enjoy the process and the result! Good luck!

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    Question 7 months ago

    Hi. Very nice labels! Please, what is the type of the gloss varnish you used? I live in Brazil and don´t know if I can find it here. Thanks, Paulo