Handmade Lottery Tickets. Party Fun and Gifts!

Introduction: Handmade Lottery Tickets. Party Fun and Gifts!

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If you have a party be it birthday, school party, April fools' day, whatever, you may wish to entertain your friends and make fun (or nice) gifts for them. Why not play lottery?

It's really easy to make cool lottery tickets yourself.

Materials needed:

White card stock and scissors

A pen or marker to decorate the tickets

Washing liquid

A candle

Gouache paint

Lottery making process is right here:

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Step 1: Cut White Card Stock Into Equal Rectangles

Step 2: Use a Small Rectangle Piece of Card Stock As a Stencil to Draw a Frame in the Center

Step 3: Decorate a Lottery Ticket to Your Liking and Write Down a Gift Word in the Center

I decorated a ticket with drawings made with a black gel pen. A word was written with a ball pen, thin marker will also work fine.

Step 4: Now Take a Piece of Candle and Rub a Central Part With It

Step 5: Take a Washing Liquid and Add a Thin Layer of It With a Finger Over a Candle Layer. Let It Dry Completely.

Step 6: Now Add a Couple of Layers of Gouache. Let It Dry.

It's better to use gouache of dark colors to hide a word completely. I used a silver color. To my taste, black drawings and silver color look nice together.

Step 7: Lottery Tickets Are Ready! Use a Coin to Open Them.

I do such lottery tickets quite often, it's always fun and everybody is glad to get some gifts :)

Thank you everyone who stopped by and welcome to visit my Youtube channel where I show DIY how-tos.

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