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Introduction: Handmade Paper Necklace

This tutorial will show a detailed description of how to make a beautiful paper necklace. The wonderful thing about this creation is if you don't have any fancy coloured paper to hand, you can recycle the paper from old magazines or newspapers! The possibilities are endless and are only controlled by your imagination!

Step 1: What You Will Need.

  • Coloured/patterned paper
  • Guillotine or craft knife
  • Strong glue
  • Nylon string
  • Jewellery clasp
  • Clear nail varnish
  • 2 x 5mm Jump rings
  • Kebab skewer

Step 2:

Start by cutting your preferred paper into strips about 15 cm long with one end approx 5 mm, tapering into a point of about 2 mm

These measurements are only approx as the wider you have the top and the longer the strip of paper, the bigger your bead will be. Also the smaller the tapered point, the more rounded your bead will form.

You will need between 40 and 60 beads to fit an adult neck, but again you can add more of less depending on the style you want to go for.

Step 3:

Once you have cut out your desired amount of strips, apply the strong glue evenly along the back, leaving about a 5 mm gap from the wide end. Then starting from the wide end, wrap the strip tightly around the kebab skewer, making sure the tapered point always lines up with the middle.

Step 4:

Leave the beads to dry for about 15 mins, then one at a time, place them back onto the skewer and cover in a layer of clear nail varnish.

Repeat this process with all of your beads, giving them at least 2 coats of clear varnish each. Once dry, you will now have the the paper beads ready for your necklace.

Step 5:

This next stage is how to make the paper pendant. For this, select some coloured paper and cut into straight (not tapered) strips approx 3 mm wide. These can be any length as you will cut them to size as you go.

Step 6:

Once you have a suitable number of strips, wrap the paper tightly around your skewer until you have made a paper circle about 5 mm wide. Carefully remove it from the skewer and allow the paper to unravel a very small fraction. once happy with the look, cut off any excess paper and glue the end down. Once glued, gently pinch your paper circle at one point until it becomes a tear drop shape.

You now need to repeat this process until you have 6 tear drops, all roughly the same shape and size, and one small circle for the flower centre.

Step 7:

Next select another colour and proceed to wrap it tightly around the original tear drop, gluing it into place at both the start and end. You can use a few colours at this point if you like, and the thickness is down to your personal preference.

Repeat this with all the tear drop 'petals' and for the circle, but making sure you don't make the centre circle too big.

Step 8:

Glue all your 6 petals to the centre circle, making sure some of the glue adheres to each adjacent petal as well. Then finally make a small loop, using the same process to make the centre circle, and glue it to the top petal.

Step 9:

Once dry, coast with at least 3 coats of clear nail varnish, making sure to give extra coverage to the joins to add strength.

Step 10:

Once it is dry you are ready to string your necklace together.

Cut approx 50cm of nylon thread and tie a 5 mm jump ring onto one end. Start to thread your paper beads on in the colours you desire, making sure to stop half way to add the pendant.

Step 11:

To attach the pendant, use your other 5 mm jump ring and secure it onto the pendant using the coloured loop on the top petal.

Step 12:

you can then slide this onto the thread at the half way point before continuing to add on your beads, remembering to keep the same amount of beads either side so the pendant stays in the middle.

Once you have added all the beads, tie on a jewellery clasp at the end and you now have a beautiful paper necklace ready to wear!

Step 13:

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    4 years ago on Step 6

    If you use a quilling tool, it wraps better. But if you do not, take a large eye needle and cut off the top. Either case, it just makes it easier get the paper started curling!