Handmade Reindeer Earrings





Introduction: Handmade Reindeer Earrings

The perfect gift for Christmas....



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    Are we supposed to guess what these are made of ? Fimo, sugru, clay, or what? This does not qualify as an instructable! You have not provided any words or steps as required. Are you selling these commercially? Why did you mass produce them? How do you harden the medium you have used, a kiln or oven or air dry? Sorry for so many questions, but that is my nature. I need details when I undertake a project! Very cute reindeer! Thanks.

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    I thought the images are enough to understand the making process. As for the material I used, it is polimer clay (fimo and cernit). To harden this material you have to bake it in an oven...the corect temperature and time you will find on the package.This is an instructable intended for people who have worked with this material before. If you like to obtain the same result the colors are:
    face: fimo clasic-terracota(color)
    nose:fimo/cernit - christmas red(color)
    and the rest is black and white
    As for the "mass production" part ...yes, I've sold a part of these earrings and the other part I've gave them as gifts. I also make other type of earrings out of polimer clay, that I sell but I did not post these here as an advertise for my work.