Handmade Steampunk Goggles

My first pair of steampunk goggles, made for less than $15. There's no glass in them at the moment, but i'm planning to put some in.
Note: a lot of the pictures are blurry. Sorry, my camera is kind of crappy. I'll take better pictures next time i make a pair.

Step 1: Parts

5x7" Aluminum step flashing - $3.50 at Home Depot
Scraps of leather
Rust-Oleum Copper Hammered Patina spray paint - $5 at Home Depot
not pictured: Dremel tool, contact cement

Step 2: Design

I designed these so that it would go further back at the corners of the eyes. each piece is about 4.71 inches long and .75" - 1.75" wide.
Cut the shape out, and stencil it onto a piece of metal.

Step 3: Cutting

I cut the shapes out using a dremel tool. Unfortunately, this didn't work very well, and i broke 2 bits before realizing that i could cut them with scissors.

Step 4: Shaping and Painting

After they were cut out, I shaped them into circles, and cut another slit on each side of the seam, then stuck a small piece of aluminum through both and crimped it down.
I then spraypainted both with the hammered copper stuff. It took 2 coats but it looks sweet.

Step 5: Eye Pads

Eye pads were a bit tricky. I took 2 half inch strips of leather, and contact cemented them onto the frames, then folded it over and cemented the inside.

Step 6: Straps

The straps are three strips of black leather held together with crimped strips of aluminum left over from the frames. This was by far the hardest part.

Step 7: Final Product

Personally, I think they look sweet. They look kind of dorky when you have them on, but i really liked the way they turned out. As soon as I can get some clear glass I'll put lenses in.

Thanks for reading, I hope you like it! Leave me a comment, I'd love some suggestions/ feedback.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    you could have done this with actual sheet copper or brass, and used tin snips to cut the metal and pliers to bend it.


    The end result you achieved in this build is really top notch. but a few things which may help...

    Looking at the dimensions of your pattern, you want eye-cups that are about 1.5 inches in diameter. For about $2 you can buy a 1.5" copper pipe coupler at home-depot. They are long enough to cut with a hacksaw, diagonally, into two pieces that match the contour of your face. Now you save $5 on metal colored paint by hammering the actual copper.


    8 years ago on Step 7

    They look great, like they're used every day rather than all shiny, and costume-like. One suggestion for the eye pieces...how about cutting out copper or PVC pipe rather than shaping them from aluminum stock? Seem like it would save a step or two. That way you could also have them threaded inside to add lenses later.