Handmade Valentines Card Using an Old 45 Record

Introduction: Handmade Valentines Card Using an Old 45 Record

I'm lucky... I have a boyfriend with a birthday the same day as Valentine's Day.  I can get away with one gift..!  He thinks spending money on greeting cards is a waste, so each  year I have to come up with something creative to say "I Love You" and "Happy Birthday".

In this past year, he and I launched a new business that involves records and music... so I wanted to figure out a way to marry these together into a card for him.  

I think it came out rather cool.  He couldn't get mad at me for this card.  It cost me nothing but 15 minutes, some spare craft supplies and an old 45 album to make!   Here's how to make your own:

Step 1) Choose an album.  I went with a 45 size (a 78 or 33 would work too, you would just need to alter the size of the card).  Using a 45 gave me room to add other items onto the card.  My choice of album was "Loverboy"  :)

Step 2) Pick up an old album cover or sleeve from a 33 1/3 album (the largest of them).  This will serve as the envelope.

Step 3)  Use a piece of paper from a scrapbooking project or cut a piece of paper the size of the album cover/sleeve that you have chosen.  Best to use a sturdier cardstock here.  (this is the green in the photos).

Step 4) Adhere the 45 album to the cardstock chosen using glue.

Step 5) Cut a piece of paper (this is the yellow in the photos) which will serve as the card portion to open and put your message into.

Step 6) Think of a clever message to go with your event/reason for the card.  I choose "for the record you rock my world... even for an old man."   Write the saying or print using your printer.  Cut out and adhere to the card portion.

Step 7) Adhere the left hand side of the card portion to the cardstock and create a fold (a bone folder works well here).  This part should only be glued on the left hand side and be able to be opened.  

Step 8) Open up the card portion and continue your saying inside the card.  Sign the card.

Step 9) Adorn with any embellishments on the top.  Since I was giving to a guy I just choose some simple blue scrapbooking ribbon.

Step 10) Put your new, creative and fun card into the album sleeve you have chosen.  Give to your loved one :)

Be creative... there are albums out there that can be geared towards any event.  How about picking up an album that features your wedding song and create an Anniversary card... or an album from the year your friend was born or from your high school days?

I bet they will love your creativity and what better way than a personal card done on a dime budget!

(note: albums/LPs can usually be found for 10 or 25 cents at local thrift stores if you don't have any lying around in your basement!)

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