Handmade Valentine's Day Flipbooks and Container




Introduction: Handmade Valentine's Day Flipbooks and Container

I wanted to make something for my little boy to carry to his mommy on Valentine's Day - a small metal lunchbox that holds 3 handmade flipbooks.

Step 1: The Lunchbox

I found a white metal lunchbox at Hobby Lobby for $3.99. With some painter's tape, I was able to tape off the lids (they will stay white). I printed and cut out two small hearts to be used as stencils for the lids.

A can of red paint I already had in my shop was all that was needed to finish the painting.

The lunchbox is 6 inches tall standing (in the photo) and 8 inches wide. It's almost 4 inches deep.

Step 2: The Flipbooks

I created three unique flipbooks of my son wearing a pair of Cupid Wings ($3.00 from a local crafts store). I spent more time just trying to keep him from taking the wings off than I did on any other part of this project!

I won't go into details here on the flipbook creation - I've got 3 other flipbook instructables that can provide you info on how they are done (links at end of this step).

These flipbooks differ slightly only in the color of the leather - I purchased some red leather dye ($6.00 and colored the three leather wraps. This stuff doesn't come off fingers easy - you may notice my red-stained fingers in the video.

Links for Flipbook Instructables below:




Step 3: Final Touches on the Lunchbox

After removing the painter's tape, the red hearts on the lids had rough edges that would have been difficult to touch up. Intead, I cut out two paper hearts (with cutout center hearts) that covered up the imperfections a little... the paper border gives it a little more handmade look anyway and I like it better as the painted heart was a little too small for the lid.

Step 4: Final Result

I cut three small leather squares (black) and glued them to the bottom of the lunchbox to prevent the metal hinges on bottom from scratching any surface it sits on.

The final lunchbox (with flipbooks inside), waiting for delivery.

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    5 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    That is so sweet - and those flipbooks will certainly come back to haunt you son in years to come!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Yep! "Son, time to go cut the grass." "No!" {Dad waves flipbook) "I'd hate for these to make their way around school!" (Dad hears lawnmower cranking up.)


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    "Dad, I'd like you to meet my new girlfriend"