Handmade Wooden 9 Blocks Wall Clock




Introduction: Handmade Wooden 9 Blocks Wall Clock

It is my second wooden wall clock.

Step 1: What Do You Need

1. clock mechanism

2. some wood

3. drill with a drill bit paddle (pic.3)

4. wood stain

5. nails

6. glaze with mettalic effect/ optional wax

7. sander

Step 2: Preparation of Wood Blocks

First made a solt in the center wood so that the clocks mechanism can fit in.

I didn't had right tool to do a hole - firs I made a hole using a drill bit.

Then I cut off requred wood blocks- 9 sections.

Next sanding the blocks.

Arranged them into square and marked them which one goes where.

Paint wood stain.

Step 3: Fixing Wood Blocks

Prepare nails: cut the head.

Next: painted and dry blocks connect with nails- like a picture.

Step 4: Surface Finish

I used to finish the surface - wax timber.

After applying waxes and dry (min. 2 horus) polished used plastic brush.

Because of the unsatisfactory effect- I painted metalic glaze.

Then I installed a clock mechanism- in the central block.

Step 5: Assembly Clockwise Adn Done

At the end - mount clockwise and ready.

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    3 years ago

    Great looking clock. I really like the way you attached the blocks