Handmade Copper Jewelry - DIY Coiled Chevron Necklace


This DIY coiled chevron necklace made with copper wire is a great idea for handmade copper jewelry. We bet that this original piece is just the trendy tutorial that you have been waiting for!

This handmade copper jewelry idea is actually inspired from another necklace creation! After experimenting, a decision was made that coiling copper to make chevron focal pieces was a great idea for this DIY chevron necklace in this multi-colored wire wrapped pattern.

Materials and tools:

1.5mm blue aluminum wire

1.5mm orange aluminum wire

1.5mm golden aluminum wire

0.3mm blue copper wire

0.3mm orange copper wire

0.3mm golden copper wire

Black chain

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter

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Step 1: Make the Chevron Focal Pieces

1st, snip a piece of golden aluminum wire about 19cm long;

2nd, fold it in half to find the center point and make a big V shape;

3rd, fold both sides in half again and bring them to the center of the V shape;

4th, start coiling around the folded chevron with the copper wire;

5th, finish the golden coiling and repeat the previous steps for the orange and blue chevrons.

Step 2: Make Golden Jump Rings

1st, cut a short length of golden aluminum wire and make coils around your round nose pliers;

2nd, cut the coils to get 6 golden jump rings.

Step 3: Finish the Necklace

1st, attach the blue chevron to the ends of 45cm of chain;

2nd, attach the remaining orange and golden chevron up every 3 chain links distance.

Step 4: The Final Look Is Like This:

Tada! This DIY chevron necklace project is successfully done! We are sure that this handmade copper jewelry idea is different from other tutorials and ideas you have come across! Tell what you think of this coiled chevron necklace!



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