Handmade Fashion Jewelry- Bicolor Woven Hemp Bracelet Patterns for Guys

Let us to introduce to you an idea for making a distinctive woven hemp bracelet pattern for men with this handmade fashion jewelry project.

Half hitch knots (or double half hitch knots) can be made to form various attractive patterns such as traditional or innovative ones. Being creative craftsmen, we wanted to attempt making lark head knots into a new hemp bracelet pattern for guys.  Check out the instructions below to make this handmade fashion jewelry project.

Materials and tools:

2mm blue nylon thread

2mm red nylon thread



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Step 1: Make the Bracelet Loop

1st, snip 3 pieces of nylon threads measuring 1m or so;

2nd, fold the threads in half, leave a 2cm loop atop and tie an overhand knot below;

Step 2: Braid a Lark Head Knot Pattern

1st, use outermost red threads to tie lark head knots over adjoining threads;

2nd, with blue nylon threads tie lark head knots over the same red threads;

3rd, continue braiding a pair of red lark head knots, this will create the wavy lacework;

4th, cross blue nylon threads and continue to braid a pair of blue lark head knots;

5th, repeat 3rd-4th, finish the whole pattern.

Step 3: Complete the End Knot

1st, tie an overhand knot (or messy wrapped knot here) to shape a closure that will enter into the loop;

2nd, cut off extra threads; if necessary, singe the ends.

Step 4: The Finalized Product Should Look Like This:

Tada! This handmade fashion jewelry project is over! We suggested that you cut the threads at a length that measures at least twice the arm length of a man. If you don’t, you might end up with insufficient thread to make it large enough for a man to wear. When making hemp bracelet patterns for guys, we highly recommend longer lengths of threads.



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