Handmade Jewelry Design-DIY Multi Chain Bracelets for Small Wristed Women


In this handmade jewelry project, I will show you how to re-use your old chains and leftover trims to create original multi-chain bracelets for small wristed women. It’s easy and amusing!

If you have been following along with our learning center projects, you may already know how addicted we are to upcycling inspirations. Hence, we have another handmade jewelry item to show to you that just makes use of old chains and a wide strip of fabric-the very exclusive bracelets for small wrists women. Hope you will love it.

Materials needed to make this handmade jewelry:


Assorted chains

Lobster Claw Clasp


Drop chain end piece

Hole Puncher

Strong Glue

Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier

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Step 1: Cut Out a Proper Length of Basic Fabric for Your Bracelet. Make It About 1cm Less Long Than the Wrist Circumference.

Then, take your puncher and punch a hole in each end.  Next, put a jumpring in each hole respectively.

Step 2: Take Your Chain Strands and Paste Them to the Fabric One by One Using Strong Glue.

Try mixing up different types of chains, no matter what kind they are!

Let everything dry completely.

Step 3: Attach the Clasp and Drop Chain End Piece to Both Ends.

Step 4: And Here Is Your Handmade Jewelry Bracelet.

This type of handmade jewelry is quick and easy to make with just fundamental skills, and the supplies used are extremely affordable and eco-friendly. Additionally, its mixture of gold and silver looks so cool. Dig out the broken necklaces, bracelets and earrings at the bottom of your jewelry box. Before throwing them away, try using them to make bracelets for small wrists women!



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