Handmade Jewelry Tutorial of Disney Cartoon - DIY Pocahontas Necklace

This handmade jewelry tutorial is inspired from Disney Cartoon Movie Pocahontas, which is based on the real Native American princess Pocahontas (also known as Rebecca Rolfe); in the movie, she wears a navy beaded seashell necklace (which was named after her); as many people love this pattern, we create a fresh new way to make a DIY Pocahontas necklace.

This handmade jewelry tutorial will show you a simple and different way to make a DIY necklace from the Disney Movie Pocahontas.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools for the Pocahontas Necklace:

Materials and tools for the Pocahontas necklace:
Navy cat eye beads drop shape (11)
6mm navy bicone glass beads
8mm navy bicone glass beads
8mm navy abacus/rondelle glass beads
Trumpet shell pendant
0.5mm tiger tail wire
Jump ring
Crimp bead
Crimp bead cover
Flat nose plier
Round nose plier
Wire cutter

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Step 2: Create the Necklace Base

1st, snip a piece of wire about 45cm long;

2nd, alternate 1 cat eye bead and 2 large bicones 10 times and align them in the center;

3rd, finish the sequence with a cat eyes bead, ensuring that both sides end with one;

4th, continue the necklace by stringing the abacus beads and small bicones in an alternating pattern on both ends as the picture below shows. Make sure that the necklace is long enough to fit over your head.

Step 3: Close Off the Necklace

1st, finish stringing all your beads to the desired length;

2nd, cross both ends of the wire through a crimp bead and crimp down to secure ends;

3rd, conceal wire ends under the stringed beads.

Step 4: Attach the Pendant

Attach the trumpet shell pendant to the center of the necklace.

The final product looks like this

As you can see, the result is a beautiful Pocahontas necklace DIY that is very different from the original one in the Cartoon Movie, though it is still very beautiful and possesses a kind of noble and graceful character. I'm sure our handmade jewelry tutorial will prove to be successful.

Thank you for your time and efforts to read this project! I will be appreciate for your feedback, comments and suggestion.



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