Handmade Marbles CD Chandelier




Introduction: Handmade Marbles CD Chandelier

Cool handmade chandeliers may just be what you need if you think your home needs a bit of style update. How ever it could be used as a candle holder on your table too. It will not cost you a lot of money. Just a CD, a few marbles and stick.

Step 1: What We Need

The hole thing is just marbles, CD and stick. But i decide to use two types of marbles. you can see how the reflection of each type is !
also we can use different sizes to make it more beautiful.

Step 2: Determine the Number of Marbles Around the CD and Stick Them

In my project i use 18 marbles around the CD.
I also use the glue gun because of the weight of the marbles.

Step 3: Build the Rows

I decide to built 4 rows. The more rows will make it heavier.

Step 4: Finish It

Finish it up to last row
now it can be used as a chandelier or a candle holder.

Try candle or some LED effects and take pics of the beauty of what you made.



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    6 Discussions

    i have not tested all of the types of those glues. surely better substances could be found between them instead of hot glue. i will test them for my further works.

    thank you for your help jabujavi !

    I think that could be better to use another type of glue, if you use hot glue and you put a candle inside, hotness could melt glue and 'kill' your art.

    3 replies

    It could work. But I think that nowadays you can get a very large amount of types of glue: epoxy, silicone, resin, contact adhesive...(sorry me, I'm Spanish so I don't know the correct name of these stuff but in your hardware store will help you)

    you right. but the construction is heavy and marbles need to be adjust in each row which needs glue to freeze late. i didnt find any better kind of glue that has both featues!
    maybe using candle is not good idea , or it could be covered with some hotness-proof substance !!