Handmade Paper Quilled Pendant

Introduction: Handmade Paper Quilled Pendant

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Today we're gonna make a beautiful pendant using the art of Paper Quilling. We assume you have basic knowledge of paper quilling. Materials Required: Paper Quilling strips

Paper Quilling Needle

For the last step: a thick stick like thing, (like a thick marker or a glue tube)

Step 1: Making the central circle and surrounding leaves

Take a quilling strip and make a small circle which will be the centre of our pendant.Take 5 more quilling strips and make a petal with each.Glue these leaves to the central circle and such a way that they form a flower-like shape.

Step 2: Making the next layer:Eyes and circles

Eyes Take 5 paper strips and create an eye using each one of them.Glue them between the petals of the flower. These should be glued in such a way that every pair of petals has a leaf between the petals.Circles Take five paper strips and make 5 circles with them. These circles should be bigger than the central circleNow paste these 5 circles on each of the 5 petals.

Step 3: Making the third layer:Squares and small circles

Squares Take 5 paper strips and create squares with them. These squares should be of the same size as the circles of the previous step.Now paste these squares on to the circles.Small Circles Create small paper strips by taking 1 paper strip and dividing it into 2 halves. In this way create 5 small paperstrips.Using these small paperstrips, create 5 circles. These circles will be smaller than the central circle.Now glue these small circles to the leaves created in the previous step.You have created your beautiful pendant! Now see the next step for creating the hole for the string of the pendan to pass through.

Step 4: Making the hole for the string to pass through

Now your pendant needs a hole so that it can be attached to a string. Take a paper quilling strip and a thick stick like thing, (like a thick marker or a glue tube)Wound the paper strip around your thick material and coil it around several times.Now carefully removed the coil without spoiling it.This is your hole. Attach it to any piece of the pendant.

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