Handmade Pendants Made With Colorful Briolettes- DIY Handcrafted Fine Jewelry


In this handcrafted fine jewelry project, the handmade pendants are made with multi-colored clusters of briolettes. We used a very simple technique to make this project.

This handcrafted fine jewelry tutorial is a great project to make.  Since our wire wrapping technique section hasn’t been updated for a while, we thought that we would present a new tutorial showing our readers how to apply a simple wire wrapping technique when making various handmade pendants and accessories.

Materials and tools:

Red, purple, yellow and green Jade Beads drop shape

0.3mm copper wire in red, purple, yellow and green colors

White cat eye beads drop shape

Silver tone iron chain

Jump rings

Head pins

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter

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Step 1: Make the Briolette Bails Over the Chain Links

1st, snip a piece of red copper wire and silver tone chain;

2nd, thread wire through a red bead, fold it in half and slide the ends through the bottom link;

3rd, with pliers, wrap a loop above bead, and start to cover the briolette. Make sure that you pass loop through the last link on a short piece of chain with at least 18 links before you close the loop;

4th, carefully coil the wire around the beads and repeat process with other the beads.

5th, for every 6 links on the chain, attach a different colored briolette bail.

Step 2: Finish the Handmade Pendant

1st, make two cat eye dangles with head pins and form a loop on top of the bead;

2nd, cut off excess links of the briolette adorned chain, and use a jump ring to collect the pendant and the two cat bead dangles.

Step 3: Finish the Necklace

Snip a long piece of chain and connect two end links by a jump ring.

Step 4: The Finalized Necklace Looks Shown Below:

This handcrafted fine jewelry project is done! This idea was inspired from a, Etsy artisan. We love the look of this simple and good-looking handmade pendant.  Now it’s your turn to try out this tutorial and make your own fine jewellery!



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