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Introduction: Hands Free Fuel Pump

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A quick and cheap ible, I drive a company vehicle and use a fuel card so always fill the tank to the top. As my 4x4 has an 85l tank this can take a while. If you hate holding the pump while you fill too this one is for you. Simply insert your fuel cap under the depressed lever, the anti overfill will cut out the pump when full. Now you can day dream, grab your coffee or do something else productive while you fill.
please note this is possible with European pumps, I am not sure if other jurisdictions use a different nozzle or already have a latch.
*photos were taken in a petrol station under construction with a dead pump, don't ever use electronics at the pump, there is a fire/explosion risk



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    Here in the USA some vehicles have fuel caps that are attached to the car by a short flexible tie. Having senior hands makes it difficult to maintain adequate pressure on the pump handle, and your idea would be welcomed, but alas...not possible for me. Great thought, however; THANKS!

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    I've been doing this with the cap for YEARS... you can either cut off your cap or carry a jar or piece of wood that will fit. There is more than one way around EVERYTHING!

    In the past, there was a little piece of metal to allow this.... If it was remove , it's certainly on purpose ...

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    I do remember some when I was a kid but I also remember overflowing petrol onto the ground so I'm sure the lack of anti overfill was the reason for their removal but that's no longer an issue. I'm sure more common now is that people fill by value rather than to the top and if you pump too much you can't take it back out and you may not be able to pay for it. As I said I use a fuel card so I always fill to full.