Hands Free Laser Mount

About: I try to source the majority of my parts from the dollar store, most stuff you need can be reverse engineered, adapted or re-purposed from existing products.

This simple laser mount is a really great way to hold a common laser pointer in place and also serves as a hands-free switch with push button devices.

Perfect for this tripwire project or any other where you require a mount for a laser or small flash light. I hope my accidental discovery helps you with your projects.

Step 1: Parts

Cable Tidy/Keeper - 6 pack $4
Laser Pointer - $2
(Max 10mm barrel diameter)

Step 2: Construct

Push the laser into the cable tidy clasp making sure the buttons are facing up and the laser activation button is aligned with the tip of the clasp.

Step 3: Activate

Now simply twisting the pointer forces the push button under the clasp and switches on the laser diode.

Simple as!



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