Hands Free Video Recording Harness


Introduction: Hands Free Video Recording Harness

Taking quality photos is essential to document your DIY projects. If you want to take it a step further, video is highly recommended. I wanted a way to capture my build process without having to hold the camera so I designed this. A hands free video recording harness. I made it in less than an hour, and didn't spend anything on it. No style points here, but it's very efficient, and you can't beat free!

Step 1: Parts and Tools


  • Spare LEGO (or other building toy) bricks
  • 4 - Eye Screws
  • 2 - Bungee's
  • Cell Phone or other video recording device
  • Hot Glue (for structural integrity)


  • Rotary Tool and Drill Bit

Step 2: Build Away

Use the LEGO parts to build a base where the camera will rest. Make a hole in the base of the model where the camera lens will rest. When the base is complete, start building up the walls. Use the phone or camera you will be using to ensure a secure fit. Create a roof that will keep the camera snug in the device. When you're finished building, use hot glue between Bricks to ensure structural integrity. The bungees you use will be pulling on the unit, and you will need it to be strong.

Step 3: Install Eye Screws

Drill four guide holes in the corners of the device. It will be more structurally sound if you drill into the center of one brick. If you don't have a drill a small nail and a hammer will also work. Take four eye screws and screw them into the holes ensuring a tight fit. Finally take two bungees and attach them to the eye screws, this will allow you to wear the device like a harness.

Step 4: Test and Calibrate

Make sure you do a few trial runs before you start any real video recording. You may find that you need to do some adjusting to the camera. At the least you will get a better understanding of where your video will be recording. In this trial run I did you will notice the camera is a little higher than where I thought it was. All the better next time I figure, the banana bread was still amazing!



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    6 Discussions


    2 years ago

    lovely idea! I long for shooting these fps cam too!

    1 reply

    well now we know the functions of Darth Vader's chest piece!

    1 reply

    I know! I can't help but feel a little like Darth Vader when I put this on, which I think, adds to it's awesomeness!!!

    You look like a superhero wearing that gadget, perhaps it is a time warp inverter allowing you to travel backwards or forwards in time, righting wrongs and changing history? The gimmick; you can only maintain your presence for 7 earth minutes before automatically rebounding back into the present. ****Marvel.com publishers, take note I want creative credit!*** ☺


    2 years ago

    saw sth interesting from adam stage don tested where he made sth for his flying droid... Incoperate so th hard element for stability!