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I'm a jack of all trades and a master of none. I like to tweak, mod and improvise whenever possible!
Have you ever been hiking and found that you needed both hands to handle a task while walking along the trail? Do you ever get tired of holding onto a walking stick but still want the added stability it provides? 

Well have i got a solution for you.

Introducing the Hands Free Walking Stick!

All you need is your favorite walking stick/pole and a set of sleeping bag straps. Just take your straps and strap the walking stick to the side of your calf. Place one strap below the knee and the other strap at your ankle. Make sure the straps are good and snug so the stick doesn't flop around. But not too snug or it can cut off your circulation.

There you have it. The perfect way to hike hands free. 

Common side effects include (but are not limited too):
  • constant tripping and falling
  • being repeatedly smacked by the upper half of the stick
  • reduced circulation to your foot resulting in amputation of the foot
  • the ridicule and laughter of your friends, family, and co-workers
  • possibility of a broken bone

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    I got up this morning and saw the new challenge. Immediately this idea popped into my head and i was able to get this posted before leaving for work.

    Well I had to do a double take (and that was after seeing the challenge!) I'm hoping to come up with an equally (in)convenient idea. :)


    I love it, handsome!! You nailed this one! And I'm not just saying this cuz I'm your wife...