Hands-Free IRiver T10 Mp3 Player Bike Helmet



Introduction: Hands-Free IRiver T10 Mp3 Player Bike Helmet

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Are you tired of your headphone cable getting tangled around your neck, arms or under your shirt while you´re riding your bike? Then this Instructable is for you!


Bike Helmet
iRiver T10 mp3 player (or similar)
Zip-Tie Fasteners

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Step 1: Attach IRiver Holder to Helmet

Attach theiRiver T10 protector/holder to the back of the helmet with tow zip-ties as shown.

Step 2: Install Ear-buds on Helmet

Remove the ear-bud cushions and carefully pass each bud through the holes at the back of the helmet. (see photos)

Step 3: Tidy Up

Re-attach the cushions on the ear-buds and roll up the excess cable as shown and place in center hole at back of helmet. Install mp3 player and connect plug. (see photos)

Step 4: Finished!

Put helmet on, insert ear-buds and enjoy!

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