Hands-free DODOCASE Mod

Introduction: Hands-free DODOCASE Mod

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One of the most commonly asked questions by DODOCASE users is "Why can't I strap it to my face?". Though the original intention of the creators was to leave the device as an interactive touch experience, we can't help but wonder the same on a lazy day. Here's how to modify your DODOCASE to be as simple to strap to your face as a pair of glasses

Step 1: Assemble a VR Headset and Get Your Equipment

For this tutorial you'll need the following

- An assembled DODOCASE VR headset/Google cardboard
- A pair of novelty/disposable glasses (I picked 3D glasses)
- A pair of scissors
- A strong adhesive or sugru! (We had some left over from a previous build night

Step 2: Pop Out the Lenses If Necessary

Pop out the lenses of the glasses you have chosen so they don't interfere with the DODOCASE lenses

Step 3: Trim the Sides and Make Room for the Glasses

Trim the sides of your DODOcase to make an even front end and cutout two pieces on the sides where the sides of the glasses will fit in

Step 4: Stick Your Glasses on With the Adhesive

Depending on what adhesive you use, you'll need to follow the instructions on allowing it to set. With the sugru, we allowed the project to cure for 24 hours.

Step 5: Now Rock It! (lightly)

Now you can use your DODOCASE hands free. And it looks pretty decent too. Take precaution with heavier phones.

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