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Every woodworker has them. Toolboxes. Drill bits. And saws.

Old toolboxes. Used drill bits.

And used saws.

They are all too emotionally loaded to be thrown away, but long gone replaced by more performant stuff.

But they are still there. Stuffed in a corner, hung on the wall.

We see them almost every they. They remind us good moments and mistakes, but more than their decorative purpose they aren't useful anymore.

Untill someone comes up with a not so bad idea to hack them and give them a new life...

Step 1: Hardware

Most handsaws are single use only. We use them until their teeth are as dull as can be and they end up at the wall of our workshop.

I'm in the building process of a canoe, these days. And so my head's full of chisels, adzes, shavehorses, saws & drawknives. And calm waters, crossing cargo ships, icebergs, insurance fees and a potential divorce.


I don't really know whàt gave me the idea of transforming the one into another - I guess it was the Bernardus, or the Wastmalle, or the Duvel, the Rochefort, or maybe the Chimay, but I guess it must have been the Talisker after all - but fact is that in less than half an hour I made a drawknife from two saws.


Step 2: Dismantle & Adjust

Take two similar old saws and dismantle one of them. Copy the shape of the one you won't use on the other, cut the excess and drill the two holes. You might need a decent drill bit since the saw steel is quite hard.

Step 3: Assemble

No more than that. Two bolts. Done.

Step 4: Sharpen

Cut down the teeth on the grinding stone by holding your drawknife parallel to the stone, and change direction once all those teeth are gone.

Get it sharp. Nothing pays more off to a woodworker than razorsharp tools.

Step 5: Keep It Up, the Good Work

Use your out-of the box drawknife responsibly & with love.

It's kinda particular in use, and I'm still trying to get the best way to use it but hey, that's just part of the challenge once you leave the beaten tracks...

Cheers to the woodworkers and creative carving.


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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Great idea! I don't have any old saws yet, but hopefully my mind retains this idea.


    1 year ago

    A flexible drawknife seems like it could be really handy for dishing out shallow bowls. For making something flat on the other hand....

    Neat idea. I've got an old, bent saw I inherited from my grandmother that I might now have a use for.

    2 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    that's what scorps are for. unless the blade can be made to have a permanent set or bend to it, I think this would end up being more dangerous than useful with respect to making bowls and such.

    and for general flat work, too much flex to work as effectively as a drawknife, so it won't be able to take off a lot of wood at once if you need to , while still being able to take light cuts.

    Just make scrapers out of old worn out saws.


    Reply 1 year ago

    and that really wide surface is not conducive to working on the radius inside a bowl

    Brokk Hrafnsson

    1 year ago

    Interesting, to say the least. Hacked hardware seems to be more useful than store-bought tools.