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Now with pictures of my coworkers wearing the moustache on the last step! :D

I had this idea when I woke up one morning.

Then I did a google search and was upset to see at least two other people had the same genius idea. The final products differ in size and materials, though, and mine trumps all else in regards to massiveness.

This particular moustache is going to my friends Seth, Nathan & Brad. They recently moved into the MANsion, and it's a belated house warming/holiday gift. :D

The pillow is about 45 inches long and ten inches high.

Step 1: Consider Moustache Types.

Do some moustache research.

I went with a handlebar moustache because I love the shape - they're very graphic and well recognized!

You could do a Sam Elliot, a Zappa, a Hiltler or Kitler, a Fu Manchu, a Jamie Hyneman... the list goes on and on!

Think long and hard about your moustache. Attain moustache nirvana before proceeding.

Step 2: Materials and Skills Needed.

  • felt, in the color of your moustache - I had a couple of yards, which was more than enough!
  • 1-2 spools of embroidery thread, depending on the size of your moustache.
  • sharp scissors
  • fabric glue
  • stuffing - 1 to 2 bags, my moustache took closer to 2.
  • printer paper and tape to make pattern, as well as something to write with
  • pins
  • embroidery needle

  • basic pattern making, as in drawing half a moustache.
  • ability to do a blanketstitch

Here are tutorials to get you started:
Futuregirl's tutorial on handsewing felt. This is the best! I learned everything I know right here.
Embroidery 101 'ible! This will teach you about using embroidery floss, threading the needle, and another take on the blanketstitch.
Another take on blanketstitch in my how to sew 'ible.

Step 3: Making a Pattern!

Take a few pages of regular old printer paper and tape them together. You can do this vertically or horizontally depending on the shape of the moustache you chose.

Now, you'll draw half of the moustache, ending exactly in the middle. This way, you'll mirror the rest of the moustache when you put the pattern on the fabric.

This might take a couple of tries. I tried a few different shapes before deciding on one. Once you have one you like, make that line dark and cut it out!

Step 4: Cutting Out Your Moustache!

You need to fold your fabric in half.

Then, lay the pattern so the middle of the moustache is directly on the fold. This way, you'll cut out the whole moustache at once.

You'll need to pin the pattern to the felt - make sure to get the pin through both layers of felt so nothing slips.

Then trim closely around the pattern and unpin! Unfold the felt and you have a finished moustache! Yay!

Complete this process one more time and then we'll start sewing.

Step 5: Sewing!

You'll be using embroidery floss & needles, and doing a blanketstitch all the way around the edges.

Don't worry too much about uniformity - I chose blanketstitch for this project because it lends texture. Plus, the stitches are going to flatten out once it's stuffed. :)

If your pillow has small ends like mine, you should sew around those edges first and stuff those areas so that you know you can get them stuffed properly.

My order of sewing was around the left end, then across the entire bottom and up around the other end. I finished it off on the top, stuffing as I went.

You'll have to rethread the needle several times during sewing. Make sure you cut off the thread after the knot right away everytime. I also applied a small amount of fabric glue to each knot for extra security. Don't want it coming unraveled. :D

Here's another tip: sometimes it can be hard to pull the needle and thread through the last knot to keep going. Grab a pair of rubber gloves to help you grip the needle and pull it through. It'll save your teeth. ;)

See the pictures below for more information!

Step 6: Finishing the Pillow!

The last bit of sewing and stuffing can be a little complicated. You'll need to stuff as you sew, making sure to keep the thread tight.

Make sure to pinch the felt between your fingers to keep it straight. Otherwise, it might not line up and you'll have a very bumpy finish.

Finish the blanketstitch by pulling your needle through the first stitch you made, thereby connecting it to the last so that it's seamless. Knot as you have been and put a dab of glue on. You're done! Yay!

Step 7: Pictures of My Lovely Coworkers With Giant Facial Hair.

This is the one thing I require when I make things for people - they have to pose for pictures. :D

Plus, a special quest appearance from JOSHMAN'S secret identity, Josh. Hoorah!

Oh, and a bearded rat. They're quite rare! I think she likes me!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I made a little one! This is a GREAT first sewing project. I love it! I used fabric instead of felt and embroidery floss on the sides.

    Photo on 2011-07-24 at 17.30 #3.jpg
    2 replies

    Also, I'm going to be sending you a 3 month Pro Membership, because you're awesome! Thanks for posting a photo! :D


    This is my twist on the mustache. I don't think it is quite as big :( but. . . . . . its brush-able :D I couldn't pass the opportunity up. Also the split down the middle isn't a seam, its just where I parted it :)

    2 replies

    Okay, I am totally mustache crazed now. I have gone crazy with the pillows, and because I still live with my parents, they have to go one my bed. I'm even thinking about stitching a mustache to my cover. That way it will all match. :)


    9 years ago on Step 7

    This looks like a good start for a water buffalo costume!

    This is absolutely wonderful!

    Mustache's are actually the source of incredible power!  That's why so many awesomely active people have them!  It also takes quite a bit of skill to use them properly, which is why the majority of people fail to realize their power.

    Here's my attempt:

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