Handy Baby 2 Register and Activation Guide

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This guide focus on how to register and active your Handy baby 2 programmer.

Step 1: Download Handy Baby 2 Client

Enter JMD Official Website to Download Client

JMD official website:http://www.handy-baby.net/download.html?lang=en_US

Step 2: Install Client

Installing JMD Handy Baby 2 Client

Step 3: Run JMD Client

Open the JMD client

Step 4: Register JMD Account

Input name and password to create a JMD account

Step 5: Fill in Registration Information

Input your account information,inlcude:name,password,phone number,email skype

Step 6: Login

Login after successful registration

Step 7: Connect Handy Baby 2 to Laptop

Build connection between Handy Baby 2 to laptop

Step 8: Activation

Select "Activation" and choose whether to own HB1 or not.

Connect HB2 after validation, and activate successfully



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