Handy Dandy Helping Hand



About: Hey, I'm Jerry! I love making innovative things that change people's lives.
This little hand can help you pick up small items. I usually use it to pick up ping pong balls but any small objects can work. It is made of almost all recycled materials including water bottles and a cardboard box, making it eco-friendly. Hope you enjoy.

*Updated: Video added.


Step 1: Materials

You will need...

*About 5 Water bottles
*Empty Hot Chocolate Box
*Hot Glue Gun
*Ruler(not pictured!)

Step 2: Preperation 1

The mouth is the main part. It is made from the hot chocolate box. First open it up and cut all the tabs off so it is just a rectangular piece of cardboard.

Step 3: Preperation 2

Cut the top and bottom of a water bottle. It should look like a hollow tube now. Wrap your string around the water bottle to find the circumference. Use this measurement to figure out how long the piece of cardboard should be. You should start measuring after the tab. Cut the cardboard to the appropriate length. Next, cut the piece of cardboard so that it is 4 inches in height(side).

Step 4: Mouth

Fold the cut piece of cardboard in half. Next divide the cardboard into 6 equal pieces. Make sure to start after the tab! Next, connect the top half by starting on the top left corner and down to the middle left corner. Then go back up to the top right corner and repeat all the way across. You shouuld have made what looks like triangles. Do the same with the bottom part. Then, fold on all the lines you drew.

Step 5: Finishing Up the Mouth

Roll the folded piece of cardboard and put glue on the tab and fold over. You should have a hollow tube like shape. Press in on all the triangles. Next, turn the mouth so you are looking down throught it. Cut a slit on one side and fold the other sides down. Repeat for the other 2 sides. Flip the mouth over and do the same but this time, instead of folding, cut.

Step 6: Neck

Cut the bottom and top off of 4 more water bottles.

Step 7: Putting It All Together

Put the water bottles together and hot glue the seams. Do the same when attaching the neck. Make sure that the folded side of the mouth is facing out. Note that you can add more water bottles to the neck to make it however long you want.

Step 8: Use

To use, take the contraption by the neck, then put the mouth over an object and push. Repeat for more objects. Empty by turning the contraption around.



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