Handy EDC Egg

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This is a small glimpse of my every day carry, all packed in a repurposed Kinder Surprise Egg.

The egg is virtually water proof so it keeps all of my 18 items nice and dry.

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Step 1: Watch the Video

On this two part video you can see all the items that completes this Urban EDC Egg Kit.

Step 2: Material

You can use the same items that I used in this project but you can change them to suit your needs, let me know what you use.

This is the list of the materials that I used:

- Kinder Surprise Egg

- Alligator Clip

- Role of Electrical Tape

- Electrical Wire

- Rubber Band

- Two Aspirine

- Two Matches

- Two Squares of Patafix

- Magnet with 3 meter of 100% Polyester Sewing Thread

- Paper Tape Measure (50 cm)

- Sewing Needle

- Paper Clip

- Safe Pin

- Packaging Wire Ties

- Three Zip Ties

- Tin Foil

- Kitchen Paper

- Two Bandages

Step 3: Applications

With 18 items you have a lot of application possibilities, I gave some ideas on the two videos.

For example, you can make electrical connections, electrical shunts, reset electronic devices, take out a cd/dvd from an optical drive, you can fish, pick up nuts and bolts, take out screws out of the housing, start a fire, tape wires, sew a loose button, hold items, fix a blown fuse, etc etc...

Step 4: -

If you like this project let me know on the comments below and follow me on Instructables and on my YouTube channel.



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    Hi!, of course I have, like a said on the beginning of the post, "This is a small glimpse of my every day carry", I always have my trusting swiss army knife.