Handy Foldable Batarang-arkham- 3D Model

Introduction: Handy Foldable Batarang-arkham- 3D Model

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Hello all, this time i am gonna show you how to make 3D model of batarang weapon. Since i am resource-less to manufacture one, i have uploaded the 3d modeled versions.

Software used : Solidworks 2015
This time,i used IPS format (inch-pound-seconds) which is about 12 inches in opened condition
and becomes handy in closed wing contion which is about 6inches.

Step 1: A Downloaded -look Alike

Once 3D printing is done, the model is somewhat looks like the above image.

However the logo style and color would be similar to the 3D cad model.

Step 2: How to Make - Entire Concept (Exploded View of Assembly)

Here is the assembly layout of the batarang components, as follows

  6. END CAP

Step 3: 3D Modelling - Tracing Over Existing JPG Images

To insert a picture on a sketch plane:

  1. In an open sketch, click Tools > Sketch Tools > Sketch Picture.
  2. In the dialog box, browse to the picture file and click Open. ...
  3. Set the properties on the first page of the Sketch Picture Property Manager as necessary. ..
  4. Click .

The above images show the dimension less drawing method of bat-wing with respect to the jpg image. Now Everyone can draw any-drawings exactly with respect to any images, by using this technique.

  • you can find sketch tools line and spline,
  • Click > spline
  • Trace over the image,make sure the connection is closed.
  • Trim tool is used to cut extra projections to disappear

Step 4: Fold-able Feature ( Assembly Methods)

These images shows , once the manufacturing process is done.
the model can be easily folded and carried anywhere with ease.

In an assembly tabclick parts to be linked.
Mate option is used to link once art over the other.

Click-Mate > click axis of 2 parts - Enter( parts get aligned in a single line )
Click - Mate > click adjacent faces to place the parts together.

That's it guys , It so simple to make 3D model of batman batarang.
And you can now able to 3D print on your own.

Step 5: For Further Reference Use This This Zip File

I hope, everyone may find it useful.

Seeya guys Thanks for your valuable time.

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