Handy Foldable Whale Knife Weapon + Trekking Tool




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  • Easily portable high graded steel and iron knife with fold-able assembly system .
  • This knife can be punched over any trees or logs to fasten tent ropes.And It also has provisions to be fitted over the shaft of actual arrow of whale gun.
  • Moreover mountain climbers and hunters will find it more useful, since it is handy and has more uses based on their creativity .

(Software used : Solid-works 2015)

Step 1: How to Assemble - Entire Concept

  • This image gives the complete details of how assembly to be done. To be Short we need a knife with two lateral holes at the base. And the handle can be mounted with sufficient space in respect to the knife thickness .
  • You guys can really make the replica without downloading the zip file ,and it is crystal clr in the above pic.
  • Since everyone can be understood with concept at an ease, I minimized the steps .
    However i attached the zip file.

Step 2: CAD File - Prototype Version (Lengths 15Cm Under Folded State)

The file is in zip format.Since this is the prototype version, every scale is reduced to too minimal values .
and so it looks like a handy weapon.

Step 3: Folded and Opened Condition Images

Thanks for your valuable time.
End of the story, have a great year friends.

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