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Introduction: Handy Go Green Scoops

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I always find myself in need of a scoop around the yard for everything from measuring pet food, plant food, adding some garden soil or fine decorative gravel around a plant or removing Fido's fertilizer offerings from my flower bed.

While I don't want to use any of my house hold scoops I use for food outdoors these little Go Green Scoops can be made in seconds and fit the bill quite nicely. You also get two scoops from one bottle and when they are worn out you can toss them into the recycling bin to go to the recycler.

All you need is any plastic bottle and a sharp knife.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

Take any size plastic bottle, depending on the size of the job you are doing.

Step 2: Cut

Remove the cap for easier cutting. Decide on the size you want your scoop to be and make a diagonal cut all the way through.

Step 3: Separate

Separate the pieces and replace the cap on the scoop. Use the other half for a smaller scoop.

Step 4: Use Your New Go Green Scoop

With the cap in place simply put it to work for whatever you need to do!

I also used my scoop to fill my Go Green Upside Down Hanging Planter in my second article.

Step 5: Gets the Job Done

Its fast and easy to make and does a great job!



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    You can make these scoops a little more sturdy by wrapping them in duct tape. I love this idea and have used these green scoops for my dogs food as well. I used the smaller side to measure out scoops of rice.

    Great idea and very well put together instructable.

    Another great use for these bottles is as  watering device for fussy plants such as tomatoes.

    I cut off the bottoms, then bury them with the neck down in a circle of three around my tomatoes.  Leave the cut off end about an inch above ground level.

    Now all you need to do is fill the bottles and let the water "leach" in around the roots at its own pace.

    Thanks for sharing!


    I made a small kibble scoop for my cat's biscuit - I used a 300ml coke bottle. Now I can easily measure the cat's biscuit intake and save money instead of having to throw away stale cat food. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

    I make these out of empty 4-pint (2-litre) milk bottles, cut in half at an angle and there you have a scoop with a handle, though they don't last too long if you use them to scoop out compacted compost from bags... :D

    If you use a bleach bottle it will have a handle so you don't have to grip the little pop top.

    great idea, I have used a "FIJI" water bottle as they are heavy and square. you got my vote

    Cool! A great alternative to those $19.99 poop scoops.

    I tried this with a Coke bottle and my dog said he would have preferred "Schweppes." But this is just my self-centered, indulgent dog. Do you realize that ever since he found out that he is the one who will inherit my $300,000 life insurance policy, he never warns me any more about an impending stroke??

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    Why not try a Schweppes then? If dog is man's best friend, and man should care for their friend, then surely you can afford some lemonade?

    Thanks for this idea, I was about to buy a scoop on Ebay for my cat food.........it's such a simple idea but it never crossed my mind.....lol Im sorry to say I buy tonic water for my Gin....does CRYPTONAT know of any other way of buying tonic water other than in a plastic bottle?

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    Thanks for posting and glad I could help. LOL I think CRYPTONAT was just poking fun at me.

    I once was forced to use a plastic bottle as footwear as so that my shoes could be resulted in a heap of lies.

    RE: motor oil bottles to clean out rain gutters Great idea for recycling used motor oil bottles for rain gutters. The size would indeed be perfect. My question to CementTruck then is how the bottles should be safely cleaned before handling debris that may land in lawn debris recycling centers or, in areas outside of those offering free lawn debris removal, in compost piles or -- egad -- landfills.

    I love this idea! Seems it might make a perfect backyard scooper for other dog items as well... Just push a disposable bag inside it, with the handles left hanging out on both sides. Scoot, grab the handles of the bag, tie and viola.

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