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Introduction: Handy Key Holder

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just some thing I thought you would like to make. The cutting files are all uploaded

Step 1: This Is My Handy Key Holder

Step 2: It Is Made of 3mm Plastic

Step 3: M5 Bolts

Step 4: And Many Washers

Step 5: It Also Includes a Knife

Step 6: To Sharpen the Knife Grind or Sand One Edge Until It Meets the Other Side

Step 7: The Blade Can Cut Soft Things Only

Step 8: All of These Parts Were Laser Cut

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    Thanks a lot I will add the files soon

    I don't know how to post the files if you could help I would be grateful thank you

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    Hi! Nice work!

    You can upload files to your instructable in the clip icon on the instructable editor,

    then select "upload file" and browse and select your files, then click in upload.

    Screen Shot 06-30-14 at 02.57 AM.PNG

    It would be cool if you could include the cutting files.