Handy T-shirt Bag for Free Stuff at Conferences...

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Intro: Handy T-shirt Bag for Free Stuff at Conferences...

OK I was at a seminar thing on media the other day, I was getting pretty cluttered because for once I had no bag, eventually I ended up with a free T-shirt and some time between workshops and suspect conversations with strangers to figure this out...

This is a very quick little 'ible but I like it...

Step 1: Tie the Arms

Tie the arms of your T-shirt together and pull the knot until the headhole is nearly closed, then your stuff rests where your shoulders should be...

Step 2: Slide Junk In.

This bits dead simple, just slide some of the stuff in to the body of the T-shirt, that way it'll fit in again when you're adding more later.

Step 3: Pull Corners Up.

Pull the bottom ends of the T-shirt out and over the stuff, get the corners out as wide as they go. now tie them together loosely.

Step 4: Done.

The bottom corners being tied together makes a good handle and you can still slide things in behind it.

I was dandering about the conference and people were amused by the simple idea...



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    2 years ago

    I love conferences and trade shows. Like trick or treat for grown ups, all that swag.

    i did something similar at this army thing i got loads of those foldable frisbes, nalgene bottles, pens, carabiners, keychains and flashdrives saying go army...


    9 years ago on Introduction

    cool stuff ! these things are very useful, i went to a mac expo thing a while back and did kinda the same thing, yours ls alot better design though, i had to hold all the holes because couldn't work out how to tie them lol btw what conference did you go to ?

    5 replies

    A media careers info day at Queens University Belfast, it was apparently rubbish in recent years but this year was impressive, I made a point of getting on a few peoples contact lists and such, there's not many media places in northern Ireland for being taught, as a result bright students get jobs easily...


    Nice that sounds good, im going to a design technology conference next week so hopefully that will be cool


    Sounds good, you're bound to get loads of goodies there, I'm planning on keeping and eye out better this year, certain subjects like media and design based stuff tend to get more money thrown at them...


    Yeah, I got a bunch of stuff from pocket kings, the guys behind full tilt poker, they're pretty rich I guess... the pack of cards weren't pound store ones and all the stuff was embroidered, not printed... UTV had pendrives but I missed them, only 512mb but meh, I got a total of 26pens and in the animation talk I got a business card that was a lenticular animation.

    ha ha great! five stars! yeah, i love doing stuff with shirts like that... i usually make a ninja mask out of them... :D

    3 replies

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Love it this is a great instructable needs to be featured this trick will come very useful for many people

    1 reply