Handy Tip #2: Lubricating a Key Lock

Introduction: Handy Tip #2: Lubricating a Key Lock

Sometimes, your keys start to get harder to insert or remove. Powdered graphite is an excellent dry lubricant for fixing this problem. It is best used in tight places where you do not want or need oils that can gum things up. Oils or sprays may work initially, but once they dry a little, it will gum things back up. Powdered graphite is available at any hardware store for a few dollars. It is the best thing for lubricating a tight keyhole. If you are having trouble getting your key in or out, powdered graphite can really help. Additionally, for cub scout dads who are helping their sons with the pinewood roller derby, this will make your car move like greased lightning!

Step 1: Using the Powdered Graphite

  • Inspect your keyhole to make sure that it is clear of debris. Sometimes little kids or bad people will stick things like grass, leaves or little branches into the keyhole. If there is something physical blocking the keyhole, no amount of powdered graphite will help.
  • Place the tip of the graphite tube into the keyhole opening and squeeze a few times. This will pump a sufficient amount of graphite into the keyhole.
  • Insert your key into the lock. Slide it back in forth. This will distribute the graphite and break it down further. Continue for 10 seconds to 1 minute until the key insertion and removal is sufficiently smooth.
  • Reapply as necessary.

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