Handy DEVIL Monitor Hooks Made With Sugru

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This is a fun but very useful monitor hack.

Loads of people use sugru to make hooks on their monitors and I thought, hey, why not make them into devil horns !!!!! So I did.

Midway through this ible, I thought about adding loads more hooks on either side, so I did :)

My monitor now looks a bit like a cross between a devil, a cactus plant and a Japanese dragon costume !!!!

All I can say is that it made sense at the time :)

This idea began with my earlier Instructable to make devil horns on your iPhone, this ible is much more useful though.

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Step 1: Adding More Hooks / Horns

As I said, I felt like adding loads more hooks so I did :)

Once the cured, I hung loads of stuff from my desk, in fact, it held the following 7 items !!!!

Canon camera
house keys
iPhone cable
masking tape

Step 2: How to Make a Horn / Hook / Cactus Thingy :)

This is super simple and quick :)

Step 1 - open the mini pack of sugru
1: Cut open a mini pack
2: Peel it open
3: Remove the sugru
4: Knead the sugru in your fingers for 10 seconds

Step 2 - make a carrot shape
1: roll the sugru in your hands making a carrot shape
2: Press the fat end of the carrot firmly onto the side of your monitor
3: Don't worry about the shapre for now, just make sure you get a good bond
4: Shape the sugru back into a carrot shape

Step 3 - make a horn
1: Gently bend the carrot into a horn.

Step 4 - leave to cure
Leave the horn to cure overnight. If it droops a little, just give it a gently little bend into shape.

TIP: if your hangs get sticky, just giver them a quick wipe with dry tissue paper



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