Hang Command Brand Hanging Mounts With Sugru in Your Tractor-Trailer



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In this instructables, I will teach you how to mount a Command Brand hanging mount by 3M in your Tractor.

A little background on this project...I bought these hangers so I could...well, hang things...such as my Daily Vehical Inspection Report (DIVR) book, my safety vests, and things I need handy and quick to grab. But there is a few problems...1) it can get up to 225*F in the sleeper and cab.
2) MOST of the plastic in my Tractor is textured.
3) Because of all the textured plastic, the removeable adhesive strips wont stick unless an enormous amt of pressure is applied.
4) Reguardless or how much pressure is applied to the mount and adhesive, the amount of heat in the Tractor (when its turned off) AND the textured plastic combined prevents a "permanent" adhesion to the surface.

SOOOOOOO...To combat this, i decided to DO something about these issues...Enter Stage Right...SUGRU!!!!

Yup...thats right...Sugru. The major advantages of this hack is that I mounted the mounts, AND I added to the strength of the mount...theoretically. I have not yet tested the strength, but if you think about it, it does make sense that one would add strength.

Without further adue, ladies and gentlemen, my Sugru mounted Command Brand Hanging Mount...

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need the following:

1) Command Brand Hangers
2) Sugru
3) The vehical you will be mounting the hanger on. (not pictured)
4) Pudding (to snack on when your done cause this project is soooo rediculously easy n short)
5) Spoon...to shovel the pudding into your mouth...

Step 2: Preparation

Here is the fun part...Wash the surface your going to be mounting to.
After you get done preparing the mounting surface, prepare your sugru. You'll need to work fast as you have a window to mould the Sugru. You can mount 3 hangers with 1 mini-pack of Sugru. Simply split the Sugru into thirds, and then roll it into a ball and set aside for the next step.

Sorry...no pictures of this step. I promise, that the next time I have another pack of Sugru, and need to hang some more hangers, i will post it on here :).

Step 3: Apply to Hanger

Now take one of those balls of Sugru, and apply it to the DEAD CENTER of the hanger...LEAVE THE SUGRU IN A BALL, AS IT WILL NOT ADHERE RIGHT AND YOU WILL MAKE A MESS TRYING TO REMOVE IT...

Again...no pictures of this step...i will post some when i get another pack of sugru, and hang another hanger.

Step 4: Apply to Mounting Surface

Now take the Sugru-ed hanger, and place it on the mounting surface in a level manner. When you get the hanger level, press the hanger against the mounting surface firmly.  SUGRU WILL SEEP OUT THE SIDES AND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HANGER. THIS IS NORMAL.

After you press the hanger against the mounting surface, trim away the Sugru that seeped out. there should be 1mm of Sugru under the hanger. if there is too much, press again, and trim again...if too little, just leave it, it will be fine just not favorable.

Now let...ummm...well hang. Do not put a load on the hanger until the Sugru has cured.

Step 5: Finale

Voila!! you have just successfully hacked the Command Brand hanger from 3M

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