Hang Photo Frames Without Drilling or Tools





Introduction: Hang Photo Frames Without Drilling or Tools

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In this instructable, I will show you an effortless way to hang your photo frames ( or anything else you like) on the walls, without needing any power tools or making a mess.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Step 2: Tape the Frame Legs

Step 3: Place the Magnet on the Frame

They are self-adhesive.

Step 4: Measure and Place the Metal Plates on the Wall

They are self-adhesive.

Step 5: Hang and Enjoy!



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    I have plaster walls do thanks for the idea! And there is a great magnet selection at American science and surplus.


    2 years ago

    Smiled bit when I read ''duct tape'' But, never thought of using magnets, nice idea!

    (use HDD magnet and when changing photos you'll change bit of wall too haha....)

    1 reply

    yea,very possible if the wall isnt covered in concrete :)

    The hardest part about this is getting the magnets on the wall even with each other, getting the magnets on the frames in the center, and getting the frames to look even afterwards. Much more challenging if you aren't using the same kind of frame multiple times. Nice idea!

    1 reply

    it took me 2 minutes to fix them on the wall with a Level and a carpenter's meter (the wooden one) :)

    I didn't know that magnet system existed. Thinking of other uses for them now too :) Thanks for sharing.

    So measuring tape isn't a tool? :) No cool idea really.

    Really cool idea! How strong are those magnets? Have you had any issues with anything falling off the wall?

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    indeed. actually,i got this idea because the first attempt,i used double sided tape,it worked more or less good .
    the inconvenice with this its that the frame had to be aligned horizontally before i mounted it because once it sticks there it clearly cant be adjusted .
    once my girfriend moved out, i had to tear the frames off the wall..it damaged the wall and some of the tape didnt come out until i used a thinner dissovlant..i had to repaint...quite a mess.
    With the smoke detector assembly,you can rotate the frame to align it correctly after you put it in the wall,and because the double sided tape on it is sticking on a metal plate, i could remove it off tte wall easily without damaging it.
    if you have a heavy frame to hang,you can DiY an assembly by replacing the normal magnets with Neodyme mangets you can extract from old harddrives..that will stick very good.

    You can always use different magnets, If you choose to use different magnets, I think Double Sided 3M Tape or Contact Cement are the best adhesives to use

    $1.50 (not including shipping) isn't expensive for a magnet like this, But you can probably buy 10 of these magnets on eBay for the same price, But you'll have to glue them

    thx.they are normal magnets (not neodyme),56mm diameter and around 3mm thick. the frames in the photo are exaclt 250 grams and they ve hanging without a problem :).i just had to center them correctly on top of the metal plate on the wall for them to stick.