Hang Pictures With Origami Corners

Introduction: Hang Pictures With Origami Corners

Do you have drawings or photos you want to hang up? If you don't want to just tape them up, and are too cheap for nice frames, there is an easy, elegant alternative! Anyone can do it.

Step 1: What You Need

Super basic.
scotch tape

As far as the paper, I used grey origami paper. A six inch square makes 4 corners (1.5" wide). Any paper would work, newspaper might look cool. Also feel free to use bigger or smaller squares to change the size of the product. How to make a square is here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-rectangle-paper-to-a-square-paper/.

Step 2: Fold Step 1

Okay, so there is a lot of creasing. But its not terrible, I promise. First you need to fold it into eighths. To do this, have the white side up (if you have origami paper). Fold it in half, then unfold. Now fold each side to the middle crease and unfold. Now fold the right edge to the left crease and then the left edge to the right crease. Finally fold each edge to the crease closest to it. 

Step 3: Fold Step 2

Turn the paper 90 degrees and repeat. This will give you a grid.

Step 4: Fold Step 3

Turn the paper over, and we are going to fold some diagonals. Fold one corner to the not the closest creased corner, but the second. Fold the opposite corner to that same point. Unfold and repeat 3 times, on each remaining corner. 

Step 5: Cut, Form, Tape

Cut the paper in half, on the crease. Cut each piece in half to form 4 squares.

As you fold each square, you will only need the creases you have already made, and they are all in the right direction already. Fold the left and right sides in to the middle, and then the top and bottom, so that the corners stick up/out. Then flatten, so that the 4 corner meet in the middle. See the pictures for help. Sorry they are blurry, but I think you can still see what's going on just fine.

Put a piece of tape on top to keep the corners together. Make a bubble of tape and put it on top, so you can stick it to the wall.

Step 6: Place

Okay, so look at the side of your piece, and you see that there are sort of pockets. Stick the corner of your drawing/photo into this corner. Hold it up where you want it, and push down so that it sticks to the wall. Place each remaining corner on and stick in place, making sure things are level. The great thing is each corner piece has four pockets, so add other drawings and continue sticking. (You will need to make more pieces, though).

Step 7: Art

Now you can display anything! (as long as it is rectangular and each one is the same size). 

Just a note about my picture. The drawings I have inside these are pretty straightforward, just a little time consuming. I found images I liked online, and then used my laptop as a lightbox to trace them. Just turn up the brightness, open the screen all the way, put your paper on top, and trace. Then add some shading. As for the text, you can find tons of cool fonts just by googling 'font'. Most sites let you preview a word, and this can be traced too. If you don't have art to put in your corners, make some!

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