Microphone Ceiling Mount

Introduction: Microphone Ceiling Mount

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This instructable will show you how to hang a microphone from your ceiling for singing and recording music...

Have fun, building and even signing..

Step 1: Materails and Tools


25'' (or your hieght from your ceiling) aluminium tube
L bracket
1/4 inch Screws
2 x m4 bolts and nuts
2 x m6 bolt and nut, washer
bike light clamp
32mm pvc pipe
Mechano U brakcet
Mechano bolts and nut (m4)


Hack saw
Pillar drill

Step 2: Microphone Holder

First you will need to cut a piece of 32mm PVC 5cm long.

After this lay it facing upwards and cut 3/4 the way up , so it looks like an extended semi cirle from the top view, It should look like picture 1.

Then insert it into the bike light holder and see if i fits (you may need to ajust the bolt and nut located on the side of it)and then insert the microphone to see if it fits. It should look like pciture 4.

Step 3: Microphone Holder

Now you will need to cut the top off the bike light holder, Like shown in picture 1, and then drill a hole 6mm wide like shown in picture 2.

After that you will need a piece of mechano like shown in picture 3 (a U bracket?)
Then like shown in picture 4 insert an m6 bolt thought the u bracket with the bike clamp in between, remember to have a washer on both sides of the bike clamp.

You will also need to put a bolt throught the top like shown in picture 4, and then insert a bolt to hold it in place

Step 4: Microphone Boom

For the boom I used an aluminium tube
To attach it to the microphone holder I drilled a 4mm hole through the aluminium tube and then through the m6 bolt that prutudes of the top of the microphone holder and bolted them together with an mechano bolt and nut like shown in picture 1.

To attach the L bracket you will need to drill a hole through the other end of the aluminium tube and then bolt the bracket in with mechano bolt and nut like shown in picture 3.

Step 5: Ceiling Mounting

If you have a drywall ceiling you will need to find the beams as the dry wall probably won't surport it, and your ceiling might come down.

The easiest way it to mount is parallel with a light as that will also be on a beam.
I used 1/4'' screws to mount it..
Once you have mounted it it should look like the pictures below..

Alternativly you could mount it on your wall.
I may also create a pop screen that mounts on my stand.

Thanks for reading

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