Hang a Picture Using No Math, No Special Tools, and No Measuring.




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Trying to hang a picture from its support wire is difficult to do even with help. This trick lets you do it alone with things commonly found in your desk. When done, you will have a mark on the wall telling you where to install your hanging hardware.

Step 1: Collect Tools

You will need some tape and a small paperclip. I prefer to use painter's tape because it will not harm surfaces. It will also be helpful to have a small pliers or other means of bending wire.

Step 2: Form the Paperclip Into a Point and Base.

Bend the end of the paper clip up so about 1/8" of it sticks up. I'll call this bent up part the point and the rest of the paperclip the base.

Step 3: Push Point Through Tape.

The tape is going to temporarily hold the base to the back of the picture. Poke the point through the tape from the sticky side.

Step 4: Off to the Picture to Be Hung.

Place the picture to be hung on the floor upside down with its back facing you. Pull down on the middle of the support wire. Then position the point just above this bend. Carefully move the hanging wire out of the way so it does not bump the point.

In this way, the point will mark where the support wire will sit on the picture hanger.

Step 5: Position the Picture.

Position the picture on the wall and firmly press in. This will drive the point into the paint and leave a small depression. Remove the paperclip and tape from the back of the picture.

If the depression is hard to see, try placing a small drop of fingernail polish on the end of the point. Press to wall before it dries.

Step 6: Install Your Hanging Hardware.

Use your favorite hanging hardware being mindful that the mark you have made is the point of contact between hanging wire and hanging hardware.

If you are using a hook, place the bottom inside of the hook at the mark and drill your hole at the top of the hook.

If you are using a wall anchor, the top of the hole will be at the mark.

Of course, if the exact position is not important, just use the mark as the center of your hole.



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    Great trick! I just moved into to new house and I have a couple pictures I want to hang up. One of them has two hooks on the back and it's a pain to try to get the nails evenly spaced and leveled so I've been putting it off :/

    1 reply